For many years it was always a dream of mine to own a Ken vom Schwaiger
Wappen son. I searched for several years for one of his sons but had no luck. I
was about to give up when I inquired about Agazi. When I saw his pictures and a
video of him I knew I had to buy him. There have been several Ken kids in the US over
the years but none quite as awesome as Agazi. I made the journey to Sweden in
November 2005 to bring him home with me. I was sitting in his breeders kitchen
when Agazi came around the corner. When I saw the video of him I was very
excited but when I finally got to see him in person I was speechless. As Agazi came
around the corner & entered the kitchen he walked right up to me. He didn't know
me at all but we bonded together right away!

Here to see Agazi's Pedigree at PawVillage
2006 USRC Nationals CH Class
2006 AIRK Nationals V3 CH Class
Agazi's 11th Birthday
On November 5, 2005 I brought Agazi home with me from Sweden. My dream of
finally owning a Ken vom Schwaiger Wappeen son was finally a reality. We spent the
next 6 years loving each other. On January 10, 2012 I made the final journey with
Agazi. I gave him the best gift of all the path to the Rainbow Bridge. RIP Agazi