Multi V1, World CH, FCI International CH, American CH, Pan Am CH,
Venezuelan CH, Puerto Rican CH, Grand PR CH, Latin American CH,
Bahamian CH, UCI National, International, Ehren, Ehren Bronze,
Ehren Silver & Ehren Gold CH, UKC CH, Veteran CH
2005 USRC SE Regional Best Male Puppy,  
4 X Best in Show Veteran
Lifetime Qualifier for Crufts
A'Damien vom Drakkenfels
SchH I, BH, BST, Carting Intermediate, CI Team, CDX, AD, RE, TT, CGC
2009 ARC Top 10 Performance Award: Carting Started,
Ranked #2
2009 ARC Top 10 Performance Award: Carting Started Team, Ranked #2
2010 ARC Top 10 Performance Award: Obedience, Ranked #6
2012 ARC Top 10 Performance Award: Carting Started Team, Ranked #2
2009 ARC Versatility Award
USRC Bronze Merit Award
USRC Silver Merit Award
2 X High in Trial: Carting
Welcome to "vom Langenshof Rottweilers".
We are a Code of Ethics Breeder located in Nashville, TN. I have been involved
with Rottweilers for 20 years. I received my first show dog from a good
friend of mine. We traveled the show circuts together so I could learn as
much as possible about our beloved Rottweiler breed.
I enjoy competing with my dogs in German style conformation shows. I have
competed all over the world with my dogs in AKC, ARV, AIRK, UKC, CKC, BKC,
IABCA, UCI, RKNA, FCI shows & Schutzhund trials.
We strive for our dogs to be of sound mind, temperament and structure
to compete in any type of dog sport.   

I am a member of American Rottweiler Club.
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Agazi winning First Place
Multi V1, Swedish CH,
UCI National and International CH
Hodeva Agazi
TJH, BH, MH, CD, RN, TT, CGC, Korad
Damien on the beach in Nassau, Bahamas
**** News Flash****
August 2008 Damien is the first American Bred male
Rottweiler to earn an FCI International Championship!!
Multi V1, World CH, Best In Show UKC CH, FCI International CH, FCI Pan American CH,
FCI Latin American CH, FCI Puerto Rican CH, FCI Costa Rican CH, FCI Grand Costa Rican CH,
UCI National & International CH, Ehren, Ehren Bronze, Ehren Silver & Ehren Gold CH,
5 x CACIB, 25 x CAC
Lucia vom Drakkenfels
AD, RA, Carting Intermediate, Carting Intermediate Team, TT, CGC
2012 ARC Top 10 Performance Award: Carting Started Team, Ranked #2
High in Trial: Carting
Lucia winning BestinShow
Me and Damien on his 7th Birthday
April 29, 2011
Me and Damien
Lucia working with Waine
Lucia working with Waine
2 X Best in Show Veteran A'Damien vom Drakkenfels
Damien Best in Show Veteran
Damien driving
Damien driving carting
Damien and Lucia earning High in Trial on
November 4, 2012 in Palm Bay, FL under ARC
Carting Judge Jane Dyar. Damien & Lucia earned
their Carting Started and Carting Intermediate
Team titles that day. They work great together.
Multi V1, Reserve Best in Show UKC CH
4 X Reserve Best in Show Bred-By
National and International Baby CH
National and International Jungsten CH,
National CH, International CH, Ehren CH
Ehren Bronze CH

Apache vom Langenshof